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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bike Fest 2010

Banff National Park Lodge & Town of Banff welcomes Bike Fest 2010 starting June 17-20, 10.

The best spectator opportunities are on Saturday and Sunday located within the Town of Banff. There are only limited opportunities for events on Thursday and Friday.

See our list of best viewing points below.

So park your car, grab your friends, pack a snack, and head off to your best choice. Remember to take your litter with you and dispose of it in proper garbage or recycling containers after the race.

Best Viewing Points
Surprise Corner Prologue
Thursday, June 17
Buffalo St & Tunnel Mountain Dr.
Limited spectator opportunities

1A Sprint
Friday, June 18
Lake Louise
1. Start – Lake Louise Recreation Centre
2. Castle Mountain Junction
3. Corral Creek Picnic Area (approximately 1km before the finish line)

Individual Time Trial
Saturday, June 19
Town of Banff / Minnewanka Loop Road
1. Start / Finish - Husky Gas Station, Banff Avenue
2. Two Jack Lake Day Use Area
3. Lake Minnewanka Day Use Area

Saturday, June 19
Town of Banff
1. Start / Finish - 200 block Banff Avenue
2. Wolf Street
3. Bear Street
4. Caribou Street

Tunnel Mountain Road Race
Sunday, June 20
Town of Banff
1. Start/Finish – Beaver St
2. Corner of Banff Ave & Tunnel Mtn Rd – Rocky Mountain Resort
3. Corner of Tunnel Mtn Rd & Tunnel Mtn Dr – Buffalo Mountain Lodge
4. Surprise Corner – corner of Buffalo St and Tunnel Mtn Dr
5. Cemetery – Buffalo St

Within the Town of Banff the best way to get to these points is to walk or bicycle as there will be traffic delays during the race and it helps alleviate some of the congestion and is safer for the riders.

Words of advice for getting around this weekend, the following is listing of road closures & detours:

Thursday June 17 from 3 pm to 7 pm; Surprise Corner Prologue

• A temporary closure of the Buffalo Street descending vehicle lane from Otter Street to St. Julien Way from 3:00pm – 7:00pm. This will make Buffalo Street a one way for ascending vehicles only.
• Local traffic only along the Wolverine Street lane

Saturday, June 19 from 8 am to noon
The northbound and southbound right hand lanes of Banff Ave in front of the Inns of Banff and the Husky Gas Station will be closed for approximately 200 metres.
Saturday, June 19 from 11 am to 10 pm

• Full closure on Banff Avenue from Moose Street to Buffalo Street
• Wolf Street and Caribou Street between Banff Avenue and Bear Street will be closed
• Bear Street between Wolf Street and Caribou Street will be closed
• Alley between Bear Street and Banff Avenue on the 200 block will be closed
• Restricted access to the alley between Bear Street and Banff Avenue on the 100 block
• Traffic and Roam Public Transit will be re-routed down Beaver Street or Lynx Street

For a map of street closures and detour routes for the Criterium Race please click here.
Sunday, June 20 from 7 am to 2 pm

• Beaver Street between Elk Street and Wolf Street will be closed
• Local traffic only on Beaver Street between Elk Street and Moose Street
• Tunnel Mountain Drive will be closed between Buffalo Mountain Lodge and the Banff Centre

The Road Race is a "rolling enclosure" style race where streets/intersections will be closed for 3 to 4 minutes prior to the bike racers coming through. There will be short delays along the following route:
• Beaver Street at Elk Street
• Beaver Street northbound to Banff Avenue
• Banff Avenue to Tunnel Mt. Road
• Tunnel Mt. Road to Tunnel Mt. Drive
• Tunnel Mt. Drive to Buffalo Street
• Buffalo Street to Beaver Street
• Beaver Street to Elk Street

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